Q: How do I enter?!
A: Click here to go to the sweepstakes entry page, fill in the entry form, click 'Submit,' and that's it, you're entered!

Q: I'm having trouble with the image verification process, what should I do?
A: DO NOT hit your browser's Back button. If you would like to enter again, please follow the LINKS and DO NOT hit Back. Refresh the page and try again if you are still having trouble. If you are having trouble seeing the image or require special assistance, please contact us and we can assist you.

Q: Is it only open to people in the United States?
A: No! It's open to fans WORLDWIDE! Be sure to read the Official Rules.

Q: How many times can we enter the sweepstakes?
A: As many times as you can! All entries must follow the sweepstake's Official Rules to be valid.

Q: How do the extra entries work for Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook?
A: When you enter, you have the option of tweeting it, re-blogging it, and sharing it on the respected social media networks. Each post is valid for 1 additional entry each, i.e. when you tweet it, it is 1 additional entry, re-blogging is 1 additional entry, and sharing is 1 additional entry. Please note that each additional entry is only valid ONCE PER DAY.

Q: How do you choose a winner?
A: Winners are chosen at random using a random pick system. So basically, the more you entered throughout the contest period, the greater your chances!

Q: Do entries carry over from week to week or do I need to submit new entries every week?
A: Entries carry over from week to week so there's no stress about submitting new entries each week! But, the more entries you have in, the higher your chances of winning!

Q: Is the laminate just a souvenir or does it actually have a code to download the new EP?
A: Of course it has a code to download the EP! It's both a souvenir and a digital copy of the EP all in one!

Q: Is there a way I can get a copy of the Official Rules?
A: Yes, if you would like a paper copy of the Official Rules mailed to you, please contact us and let us know and we will get a copy sent out to you.

If you still have questions or comments or still need help, please contact us and we will assist you further from there.